Nursing Assistants Are Olympic Heroes!

August 15th, 2012 by Linda Leekley in For CNAs, Honoring CNAs

Recently, Pamela Tabar, the Associate Editor for Long Term Living Magazine, wrote an article about the Olympic feats performed by caregivers. She begins her article with a humorous look at what events would make up a Caregiver Olympics, such as Wheelchair Slalom and Mad Bathroom Dash. However, at the heart of her message is this:

“Caregiving is a marathon and a passion. Like the Wide World of Sports catchphrase, the vocation includes both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The progress of yesterday can be erased by tomorrow.”

Ms. Tabar also says that nursing assistants:

  • “possess incredible stamina and patience while enduring gruelling repetition: how to take the meds and what time it is and what’s for dinner and why no one came to visit this week.”
  • “know that caregiving is a team effort—on every shift, at every facility. They support their colleagues physically and emotionally in order to combat high stress and high nurse burnout rates.”
  • “come back each day knowing that they probably won’t receive the rewards they have earned through hard work and dedication. A heartfelt thanks would stretch far, but they usually don’t get that, either.”

We couldn’t agree more and we thank Ms. Tabar for her dedication to the professionalism of nursing assistants. Click here to read the complete article, entitled The Olympic Feats of Caregivers.

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