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Anne Rice, Author

Author Anne Rice says...

“CNAs have played a large role in my life because of my own Type One Diabetes and because of the illnesses of others in my family.  I cannot tell you how much I admire them and the compassion they show for those under their care.  We need CNAs desperately.  We need their gentleness, their commitment to quality care and their patience and stamina.  I hope our country invests vigorously in education for CNAs.  Thank you, Anne Rice”

Robert F. McDonnell, Governor

A message from the Office of the Governor

On behalf of the Commonwealth of Virigina, I express my appreciation to you for your selfless service and devotion to patients, their families and health cares professionals in our Commonwealth.

I commend you for the hard work and devotion that you show daily through assistance to your colleagues and hands-on care for patients and the elderly...

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Photo courtesy of Office of the Governor of Virginia. Photographer: Michaele White

Richard Burr, United States Senator

U.S. Senator Richard Burr says...

"A top priority of mine as a United States Senator and as a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is to increase access to afforable, quality health care.  I understand the important role that CNAs play in carrying out this priority and I agree that we must continue to invest in our nation's CNA workforce.

Due to an increasing and aging population, the demand for nursing assistants, a majority of whom serve in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, is expected to grow significantly.  That's why I believe it is important we take steps now to address this shortage in the health professions.  Health professions workforce development is a national priority.

In addition, you may be interested to know that I have supported--and will continue to support--efforts to make sure we adequately fund the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development programs in the budget.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to provide more opportunities for Americans to enter nursing professions and address our health workforce needs."

Sincerely, Richard Burr, United States Senator

M. Michael Rounds, Governor

Executive Proclamation, State of South Dakota

Whereas, Nursing homes, home care, and other long-term care agencies have accepted the responsibility of providing quality care and a quality of life for the elder, frail, and disabled citizens in our communities...


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