Vickie Gallegos, DON

Vickie Gallegos Celebrates Jeff Martin and All CNAs!

I feel strongly that CNAs are the forefront of the care that the resident receives. They are resident advocates, extended adopted family members and often times one of the residents' closest friends. Nurses rely on the CNAs' insight into the residents' medical and psychosocial needs. Without them, the nurse as well as other staff members could not do their jobs to the fullest and the residents would not get the 1:1 care that they need.

I am very proud of all of our CNAs at the Bruce McCandless Veterans Community Living Center and proud that three of our CNAs were nominated by family members for the 2015 Excellence in Caregiving of the Year Award given by George and Pat Sugarmen and presented at the Colorado Chapter Alzheimers Annual caregiver workshop.

Our own wonderful Jeff Martin, Restorative CNA won out of 70 nominees! A recap of his accomplisments is that he has been a caregiver for 20 years and has always been responsible and professional. He goes above and beyond every day and takes extra time and care with each resident he works with. He has patience and kindness.

One example of going above and beyond is Jeff volunteered to go on a long and difficut trip to Washington, DC and take some of our most vulnerable WWII Veterans on the Honor Flight. This was not a usual trip. It was physically hard, emotional, took extra time, energy and care. On that trip we unfortunately had a beloved resident pass away. It was difficult for all, but Jeff was instrumental in helping with the sitatuon and comforting all in need. His gentle spirit and caring heart made a huge difference! He is, as many would say a "gentle giant". The family that nominated Jeff for this prestigious award stated that Jeff definitely takes his time with the people he is caring for, they feel safe and happy with Jeff. We are comforted in knowing Jeff is a true advocate for our loved ones.

I know that there are many truly deserving CNAs across the world and I thank each of you for your dedication and care that you give your patients each and every day, The world is truly a better place when we each make a positive difference in each others lives no matter what it is!

Debbie Cahill CNMT, RT(R), Lead Technologist/Department of Nuclear Medicine

Debbie Cahill from Fairview Hospital Says...

"The Department of Radiology at Fairview Hospital would like to thank all our nursing assistants for their hard work and dedication! Their compassion for our patients and willingness to help all departments is greatly appreciated. We couldn't do our jobs without you! YOU ARE APPRECIATED! THANK YOU!"


Sagar has words of wisdom for CNAs everywhere:

"Treat all your patients with kindness, respect and dignity. Treat them in a manner consistent with how you would want yourself or your child treated if you found yourself depending on someone else for all your basic needs. Make sure you follow proper lifting techniques, your back is a valuable asset and if you injure it, it will never be the same. Treat your co-workers and nurses the same way you want to be treated. They depend on you to be their eyes and ears since you have the most direct contact with your residents. If you like your job, then look and see if your employer offers educational assitance and continue your learning to ranks of LPN/LVN or RN. Good luck and congrats."

Yvonne Benoit, R.N., Clinical Director

A Big Thank You to All Wesley Homes HH Aides!

Yvonne, Clinical Director at Wesley Homes Home Health in Washington, says:

"When I was young I was a Candy Striper, and yes I did wear a red and white striped pinafore apron over a white dress, I'm that many years young. In my college days you did not have to first be a CNA to be in Nursing School but having an outside job as a Candy Striper was the equivalent in hands on experience and provided a little cash on the side too. I had a wonderful time learning how to be a nurse. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Nurses and other aides as peers. I am so very grateful for the wonderful and dedicated Aides we have here at Wesley Homes Community Health Services and the blessed and valuable work they do. Words cannot express my appreciation for what they do. A BIG THANK YOU!!"

Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM, Owner/Director

Angil from Visiting Angels Ann Arbor says...

"I own a private duty Homecare agency and have an excellent reputation in a huge part because of the wonderful CNA's who provide compassionate, caring, and reliable care. My company could not exist or have been able to establish such a good name with my "Angels"! Many of my caregivers have been with me between 3 and 8 years of my 9 years in business because we do appreciate them so much.

I have many stories that warm my heart and the hearts of the hundreds of clients and families we've served. One CNA got one of our clients to speak for the first time in years. Another recorded her client singing gospel songs for her daughter prior to losing her ability to talk and sing, having that cherished tape forever. Many take their own time to visit their clients in the hospital, holding hands, giving hugs, and being their clients support as our clients recover or decline. I keep hoping to win the lottery to buy my devoted and caring Angels all a new car, because they truly deserve so much more than I can give them.

I recommend every supervisor, manager or business owner to do their jobs for even a couple weeks to see how hard they work, and what it takes to stay in this work at the low wages they make. I started out as a nurses aide, and have also cared for clients as an owner and Director. CNA's are no less important and many ways are much more important to your company than you are. Unless we all treat them well, and recognize their efforts by kind words, tons of thank you's, hugs, support, and gifts when we can afford them, we will never have enough wonderful and dedicated staff to care for those in need. I hope we can all celebrate the hard and dedicated work of all CNA's everywhere. They truly are Angels!"

Joanne McCulloch, RN, BSN, ADON

Joanne from The Laurels in Richmond, Virginia, says...

"Please know, all Dear CNAs, that without you, we COULD NOT DO OUR JOBS!! We rely on you as you are the "first line of contact" with our residents. If you don't feel appreciated, you are working at the wrong place!! You should be appreciated and know that your job is a profession and an honorable profession.  Keep the Faith!!

Diann Swann, RN

Diann from Graceland New Albany in Mississippi says...

“CNAs:  Thanks for all the hard work you do!  You are truly the backbone of healthcare!!!”

Terri Gately, RN

Terri from Providence Holy Cross Sub Acute says...

“CNAs are the eyes and ears for the nurses and the caring hands for the patients. We would not be able to care for our patients nearly as well as we do without them. I am grateful everyday for our hardworking CNAs.”

Allene Higgins, RN

Allene from Little Rock, Arkansas, says...

“Certified nursing assistants hold the key to quality care!”

Susan P., Private Consultant / Educator

Susan, an RN from Vancouver, Washington, says...

“As an RN, my experience has been that CNAs are my right hand and sometimes even both my hands!!! Thank you for the high quality care you deliver to your patients, residents and clients. You are definitely an important member of the health care team.”


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