Suzanne Meyers, RN

Suzanne from Riverside Manor in Ames, Iowa, says...

“My CNA staff is my lifeline to my residents. They are my eyes, ears and hands. By far, they know the residents more intimately than any of my nursing staff and their ability to communicate for the residents when a change in status is occurring is so important. Often CNAs are put between a charge nurse telling them they MUST do something and the resident telling them they WILL NOT do it.  Somehow, they find a way to complete the task at hand to keep the resident dry, clean, safe and happy.”

Elizabeth M., RN

Elizabeth M. says...

“Front line caregivers! You are the backbone of the healthcare industry. Thank you for everything you do!”

Laura O., RN

Laura from Sky View Rehab & Health Care Center says...

“Everyone should understand that a CNA is the backbone of patient care. No one knows a patient better than a CNA!”

Lesa C., RN

Lesa from Riverwalk Commons in Indiana says...

“CNAs are the eyes and ears for nurses. They are very instrumental in providing quality care for our residents.  THANK YOU!”

Linda P., RN

Linda from Mosaic in Fountain, Colorado, says...

“To all you devoted CNAs: You are the eyes and ears to us nurses. You all are like the brain of the computer (gathering the information) for the actual processing AND then you help out with intervention. We could not function as a modem (team) without you!! Please don't stop learning...consider climbing the ladder of nursing!”

Michelle Copher, RN

Michelle from Montgomery Care Center says...

“This is for every CNA in the country. YOU are the backbone of our business; we can not do it without you! Please never say you are just a CNA, you are so much more to the nurses and, more importantly, to the residents that you care for. I believe you have the hardest job in the world. If you ever feel down remember this: you may not change the world but you can make a world of difference to someone in your care.”

Rosemarie R., In-service Coordinator

Rosemarie of Prospect Park Health & Rehab says...

"I would like to thank our CNA's in our facility for All of their hard work and dedication. There is something within your soul that keeps you here. No amount of money would be justified for all the hard work that is done each and every day. It warms my heart when I see a confused resident find comfort in the arms of one of our CNA's. Thank you does not seem like a big enough word. But, I will say it again, THANK YOU."

Marilyn W., RN

Marilyn from Richmond, Virginia says...

“The respect due all CNAs will become contagious when the health care community begins to recognize fully their contributions. When CNAs feel disrespected for the tasks they must perform, it strips them of their value and threatens their participation in the well-being and care of the patient. When a nurse does not value this contribution, it passes on to the patient who, in turn, takes the CNA for granted and fails to express humble thanks. While this situation may be isolated, every CNA has had a similar experience. CNAs need positive reinforcement from the nursing community each day to give more stature to their contributions.”

Denise Gangraw, RN

Denise from Health First Center for Learning says...

“CNAs are an indispensable part of a healthcare team! Where would nurses be without them? I personally want to thank each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication!”

Mickey Thomas, RN

Mickey Thomas, RN, says...

“I started in healthcare as a nursing assistant and found it to be the best training I could have ever had—not only for providing hands-on compassionate care to patients, but also for appreciating just how hard CNAs work.  I know you do it out of love for those that need care.
I also worked in home care for many years and couldn't believe how hard our CNAs worked in such terrible conditions…where temperatures would be close to 100° and they would be providing bathing and other services to patients in their homes.

I think in geriatric care, which is my specialty, it is the CNA who is the lifeline to continued functional success for the elderly and without them providing that we would be lost. Thank you to all of the CNAs from a nurse with great appreciation for all you do each and every day to improve the lives of others. Please keep up the great work!


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