Sharon Rios, RN

Sharon from Hillcrest Clinic at Bellmead says...

“CNAs: your work is a valuable part of the total healthcare team!”

Lori B., RN

Lori from Birchwood Care Home in Minnesota says...

“As a nurse for many years, I would like to say thank you to nursing assistants everywhere for all your hard work and dedication. Being a CNA can often be a thankless and unrecognized job but we honestly couldn't do our jobs as nurses without your commitment and caring ways. You are our eyes and ears.”

Jaydee A., RN

Jaydee from Three Springs Lodge in Illinois says...

“Our CNAs are the heart of our company. They know their patients better than some of the families because they are with them one on one for at least 8 hours a day. Without CNAs, our nurses would not know what is going on with the residents. All CNAs are underpaid and, most time, underappreciated. They deserve just as much respect as the licensed staff, not based on schooling but based on the level of care that they provide to the residents. I think some nurses forget that without the CNA's input that their job would be a lot more challenging. I was an aide for 8 years before getting my license and eventually becoming a Director of Nursing. I know what the CNAs do and how they are treated. All CNAs deserve gratitude everyday for what they have to deal with, both from the residents/family and the nurses.

Teresa M., LPN

Teresa from Rosewood Rehab Center in Nevada says...

“CNAs are a vital part of the nursing team. They are the first line of defense in caring for our patients. Without the CNAs, it would be very hard to meet the needs of our patients.”

Carol Herson, RN

Carol from Providence Medford Medical Center says...

"Thank you, CNAs, for all your hard work and dedication. You make a difference in the lives of patients and their families."

Deena G., RN

Deena from Washington Regional Medical Center says...

“I started off as a nursing assistant and vowed I would NEVER treat nursing assistants like I was treated at times. Most of the nurses treated me very well, but there were a few that did not. I think everyone entering the medical field should be a CNA first. It would change their perception quite a bit.

A nursing assistant can make or break a nurse's day. A good one will always be looking for ways to help, maintain a constant communication with the nurse, and put the patient first. That is my definition of a great nursing assistant. I love good and trustworthy CNAs; you would have to fight me tooth and nail to get one away from me!

Thanks to everyone who resembles this remark and if you don't, look to one that does. Learn from them, you will get far more rewards for going the extra mile for the sake of the patient. I am proud of you all.  Dedicated to our CNAs that go the extra mile!!!”

Michelle Manley, RN

Michelle from Doctors Community Hospital says...

“CNAs: Without your assistance, there would be no TEAM!”

Karen Courtney, RN

Karen from Farmington Health Care Center says...

“You have the most important job in the facility. To many of our residents, you are the only family they have. As a nurse, I depend on you to be my eyes and ears when you're giving care as often you are the first to notice subtle changes. You make a difference in the lives of every resident you encounter. Remember that at the end of the day, you may be the last person your residents encounter in their lives as their conditions can decline and change so rapidly.”

Roslyn W., RN

Roslyn from Able Health Care in NY says...

“I wholeheartedly support our Home Health Aides who have to juggle so many obstacles in their work environment in addition to being great caregivers. They must get to each patient's home--usually by public transportation.  There is not always a stop nearby the patient's home so they must walk in all kinds of weather. Next, aides must be flexible regarding the home environment for cultural, religious and personal taste standards. Then they must contend with many "bosses"; they have the patient, the family or significant other plus agency staff and interdisciplinary staff. So, they deserve a loud ‘Thank you for all you do’ shout out and ‘Congratulations’ on a job well done!”

Beth Hawkes, RN

Beth from San Joaquin Community Hospital says...

“I'm an RN and appreciate CNAs so much! You have no idea how important you are.  You make the difference in whether patients feel cared for or not.  Thanks for all your hard work and heart!

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