Beth Hawkes, RN

Beth from San Joaquin Community Hospital says...

“I'm an RN and appreciate CNAs so much! You have no idea how important you are.  You make the difference in whether patients feel cared for or not.  Thanks for all your hard work and heart!

Fredda Patterson , RN, BSN

Fredda from Tri County Technical College in SC says...

“Thank you all so much for everything you do for patients, clients, residents and nurses! Your love for others shows in the care you give and the support you provide to the nurses is appreciated. Not just anyone can be a CNA; it calls for a desire to achieve and dedication to hang in there! YOU are so appreciated and such an important member of the healthcare team!”

Rhonda K., RN

Rhonda from Trinity Hospital in California says...

“An RN's job is made much easier by CNAs. They are a very valuable part of our patient care team!”

Missy Masterson RN, RVT, PLNC, Director of Health Services

Missy from Area Agency on Aging of West Central Arkansas says...

Blessed Caregiver

Dedicated to the Home Care Aides and Homemakers of the Area Agency on Aging of West Central Arkansas
How precious is the Caregiver
Who brings light to the dark
Whose gentle hands and caring touch
Make life seem not so stark.
How needed is the Caregiver
Who shines her light each day
And makes each patient better
As she goes along her way.
How blessed is the Caregiver
Who with God’s special gift
The spirits of her patient
She lovingly does lift.
How wonderful the Caregiver
Who by her daily toil
Elevates her patients’ lives
Above this mortal coil.

Gladys H.

Gladys of Shelton State Community College says...

“Thank you to all CNAs for the valuable service that you provide to patients in all health care agencies. Your dedicated and hard work has not gone unnoticed. Again thank you for all you do!

Rachelle Maher

Rachelle of Clearlake, California, says...

“CNAs do the work of angels!”

Jennie James

Jennie from Deaconess Hospice says...

“Patients become very close to hospice aides. Aides provide support and encouragement that uplifts their patient's spirits. CNAs are an important part of our team!”

Debora N.

Debora from Appalachian Community Health Services says...

“In the home health industry, we generally refer to our CNAs as Home Care Aides, or HCAs. We value our HCAs as devoted caregivers who spend far more time with the clients than any other discipline (such as nursing or physical therapy). They visit their clients in the client's home or apartment (or sometimes in assisted living facilities or nursing homes). Their shifts with each individual client range anywhere from 1 to 8 hours and they may see one or several clients per day. Not only do they provide the necessary hands-on personal care, but also emotional support, companionship, homemaking and errands. Most of our clients would not be able to remain living at home if it were not for the assistance the HCAs provide. Our HCAs perform an invaluable service and are greatly appreciated and adored by their clients.”

MaryEllen Moore

MaryEllen from HomeCare Management Corporation says...

“CNAs are hardworking individuals and are valuable assets to the community. They perform a much needed service and should be commended for their hard work and dedication. Please keep up the good work and I appreciate all you do!”

Althea M., RN

Althea from Masada Home Care says...

“I would like to thank all the CNAs for their dedication and hard work in what ever field they are providing care. Continue to excel and perform your well-needed skills.  You are greatly appreciated.

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