Paula Germain, RN

Paula of Five Star Quality Care says...

“I would like to congratulate all of you CNAs out there for all that you do on a daily basis to keep our patients safe, clean and well fed. You guys are the rock on which health care is built. Without you guys, it would have been impossible for us nurses to care for everyone efficiently. Thank you for being there for our patients. Thank you for being the people that you are with the special mission of being a caregiver and caretaker. Often, others don't realize what an important role CNAs play in the healthcare business.  But I can tell you this much:  us nurses have witnessed the stressful, extreme circumstances that you have to work under and yet you manage to keep your head high and still smile and make our residents feel at ease. My heartfelt THANKS to you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP YOU SAFE!!!!!!!!!”

Kathleen Monks, RN

Kathleen of Visiting Angels Senior Home Care says...

“Remember…you are the backbone of our organization. Without you, our clients would not be able to remain in their own homes. You've all learned your technical skills and they are very important. But know that I see the way you hold a hand; provide love and compassion; listen; speak words of encouragement; and offer hope.  You are by their sides when one else is available. Thank You.”

Judy Rush-Grant, RN

Judy of Complete Home Health Care says...

“In home health care, the quality of care is dependent upon the the Health Care Team…and the CNA is an indispensable member of our team. As an RN Manager, I am so grateful for our CNAs’ high degree of professionalism, commitment to quality care, and customer service. Please know that we value the work you do, and count on your opinions. You belong to a special profession...don't let anyone make you feel otherwise!”

Janet Hauschild, RN

Janet of Samarkand in Santa Barbara says...

“As a former CNA, I know how difficult it is to meet the demands of residents and nurses. As a Nurse Educator, I often hear the frustrations of our CNA staff, but I also get my best suggestions and caring comments from my CNAs.  I would like to encourage and thank my staff and anyone who goes into this profession. Often, the residents say that the CNAs are as important (and sometimes more important) to them as their family--because they are always there and always try to assist with kindness, dignity, and most of all, give them smiles and laughter. Thank You!”

Donna B., RN

Donna B. says...

“CNAs are definitely the "backbone" of the health care industry. In many settings, the CNA completes much of the physical work, provides much of the patient support and is a very, very valuable member of the health care team. Thank you to the CNAs who work hard every day to help people!”

Phelshia C., RN

Phelshia from Heritage House in Mississippi says...

“As a nurse who previously worked in the capacity of a CNA, I feel that the CNA is often looked down on, or better yet, dumped on. To all the nurses who may read this, for a few minutes...put yourself in the shoes of that CNA. As nurses we are to educate and direct…and don't forget, nurses, your leadership may be the reason why you are not getting the response that you are aiming for. God bless you, CNAs, for all of your efforts and don't forget that the patients/residents that you are caring for daily need to know or feel, through your attitude or actions, that you are always on your game and that the only thing on your mind is each one of them.”

Lois Fidura, Staff Education/Infection Prevention

Lois from Angela Jane Pavilion says...

"Clean Hands Is Everybody's Business" and our CNA's here at Angela Jane have taken an active and creative part in making sure our residents/patients as well as staff members comply with hand hygiene. I would like to add that not only have they been a Champion with hand hygiene, but they demonstrate an enthusiasm for education, learning and teaching. I am so proud of them and owe our low infection rate to our "Guardian Angel CNAs who care for our patients/residents everyday in the best way." Lois Fidura MSN RN CNS Staff Education/Infection Prevention Angela Jane Pavilion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Judy L., RN, CNA Instructor

Judy, a CNA Instructor at Mayland CC in NC, says...

“If you enjoy helping people and working on a team, making new friends, and staying busy, working as a CNA may be the job for you. I see mothers and daughters working together as CNAs, sisters, and men and women of all ages enjoying the classes and doing well on the job. Taking the CNA class is a good way to start in the medical field, to see if you want to commit to more training.  You can take additional training as a CNA or you could become a registered nurse or other medical professional. New CNA classes are starting all the time. Most community colleges have both day and evening classes, and sometimes weekends too, so your schedule can be accommodated.  Good luck to you!”

Gerri Gentry, Nursing Supevisor

Gerri from Clark County Home Health says...

"I have been a nurse for 27 years, and I couldn't have made it, not one day, in any position I held in Nursing had it not been for the CNA's. As a new grad, an experienced nurse told me, 'If you help your CNA's, they will help you.' I followed this practice religiously throughout all my years of practice, and it rang true. Lord knows, I would have sunk during many a shift had it not been for those loyal souls. They are our eyes and ears, they are with the patient a lot more than we are, and if you keep a good relationship with them, wow what a team you can be. Not only to benefit the patient, but to benefit yourself, them and your employer. I have and will always continue to value them, to appreciate and respect them for the work they do, and, if I had one piece of advice for a new RN grad, it would be what was given to me as stated above but to also include show them the respect they deserve, and help them anyway you can. There is nothing worse than a RN who has 'RN itis', and think they are too good to help with a bath, or to help a patient to the bathroom. As I once heard, 'Even Jesus washed his disciples feet.' So, who are we not to value every aspect of the health care team, and do for patients what needs to be done? Bottom line is: work as a team, and your most valuable team player is your CNA!!"

Karen S., RN

Karen S. from Florida says...

“First thing I would say is thank you! CNAs are the eyes and ears for our busy nurses; they are the core of the team that cares for residents and they are also the most underpaid and overworked!

Having been a CNA and worked my way up, I am so appreciative of the work you do. It is important as a manager to recognize talent and initiative and provide the support and resources to facilitate moving up in their career if CNAs choose to.
I also want to recognize all of our CNAs for the smiles they bring, the care they give and the impact they have on residents. Without them providing the basic care and services, where would nursing be?

All levels of staff need to provide our CNAs with the respect, recognition and support they deserve. I also feel that wage scales across the nation need to be reviewed for this level of caregiver.  You are worth it!”

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