Marie, RN

Marie, an RN, says...

"Thanks for all you do each and every day. All CNAs, PCAs, STNAs, etc are the backbone of the Nursing profession. People need you, people love you and I respect what you do! As an RN, I will NEVER forget my years as a nursing assistant. I hope that all RNs and LPNs give you the respect you deserve. Thanks for being our eyes and ears."

Mary Chrestman, RN

Mary at A&E Hospice in Mississippi says...

“All CNAs have the hardest job in the medical profession, but are the most appreciated by the patients. At A&E Hospice, our Aides are very dedicated to providing excellent care to their patients. They have the touch for making patients feel they are special and deserve the utmost care during the end of their life.  Thank you CNAs for all the hard work that you do for your patients.”

Debbie M., RN

Debbie at St. Joseph's Manor in Maine says...

“You are so valuable and it is such a shame that you feel underappreciated. Without you, CARE WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!!! There are nurses out there who really see what you do and are so thankful.”

Jackie Igneri, RN

Jackie from Jupiter Medical Center in Florida says...

"As a nurse for 30 years, I have observed the changes in care we provide our patients. Today's CNAs must be knowledgable, caring and ever so patient. They must recognize that they are a very important part of the healthcare team and should contribute their knowledge about their patients to the nurse. They must understand they are the eyes and ears for the nurse and a voice for the patient. All CNAs should be very proud of the work they do because it takes a really special person to be a CNA."

Sam M.

Sam at CareForce in Washington says...

“Our home care company is built on the excellent care of our CNAs and other caregivers. It is their day in, day out excellence that keeps our clients safe and happy. Thanks so much.”

Diane B., RN

Diane B. from Maryland says...

“CNAs are one of the most important links to a patient's care being successful.  CNAs are the front line providers of patient care. They can either make or break the overall experience of the patient. As an RN, I see that the CNA is my partner in care. He/she is often the eyes and ears for me and a valuable asset when identifying patient care needs. The care, the sensitivity and the acute way that CNAs become attuned to their patients has truly been an invaluable asset to anyone I have cared for. This has gone a long way to making patients and their families feel they have been received and cared for with loving attention. What an honorable vocation. CNAs are the best! Thank you for all your care and sacrifices. You are the backbone of the nursing in the hospital setting.”

Kathy Fortier, RN

Kathy at Jerome Home in Connecticut says...

“CNAs are the Best! You make the nurse’s job easier by tuning your trained eyes and ears onto the residents. Thanks for all you do.”

Barb W., RN

Barb at ACCEPT In-Home Care says...

“It takes a very special type of person to be a CNA. You need to be very caring, compassionate, a good listener, a good observer…and just be there! That person you are working with depends on your skills, knowledge and companionship. Always remember, you are part of the foundation for any agency you work with. And without a sound foundation things would crumble to the ground!”

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