Leslie M., RN

Leslie from Hopkins Manor in Rhode Island says...

“I was a CNA for 15 years before becoming a nurse.  The thing that I miss the most is the special bonding time that a CNA has with his or her residents. Never underestimate the power of a good foot rub, a special smile, a nickname. CNAs have the power to create a special loving environment and day for their residents, as well as to be a great advocate. The CNAs are the ones that determine the quality of care. Each and every day that a CNA works is an important one. I would not be able to be a good nurse without my support staff. So Thank You for all that you do every day.”

Ann P., RN

Ann from Ellenwood, Georgia says...

Nursing assistants are the key caregivers of the health care profession. You are the EYES, EARS, HANDS AND HEART of patient care. As a nursing assistant instructor, I constantly remind my students that they are the best of the best. Without nursing assistants, I am absolutely nothing!  Keep doing what you are doing. You are all wonderful!

Susan B., RN

Susan from MBHC says...

“Thank you, all of you. Without CNAs, we nurses could not give our residents and patients the high quality of care that we provide. Without you, we just could not do it.”

MaryAlice Lewis

MaryAlice from Arbor Village Rehab & Nursing Center says...

“Thank you for all you do. I know the work is hard, but your care and compassion is above and beyond all else. It takes very special people to work with others. You see and care for a range of personalities from the very ill to those suffering from dementia. I hope that you all get a personal satisfaction from what you do and I encourage you to also take time for you. Again, thank you for all that you do. Keep up the great work.”

Kathy J., RN

Kathy from Veterans Home in LaSalle, IL, says...

“Thanks for all the hard work that you guys do everyday. You are in the front line working with our residents and often see and hear things before we do. Thanks for bringing that important information to our attention. We couldn't give the quality care that our residents deserve without you. You are such a important part of the team.

Lisa P.

Lisa from HCC in Roseboro, NC, says...

“To every CNA, I want to say thank you. Because of your dedication and hard work, our loved ones can remain in their own homes and have the freedom to enjoy a quality of life different from a facility.  Again, thank you.”

Marea Trotter, RN

Marea from CHBC in Bay City, Michigan says...

“CNAs are the ones who wash and dress a patient.  They take the time to listen to them speak, hold their hands when they feel lonely, encourage patients to continue living and help fulfill their needs and be the voice of reason. CNAs are my eyes and ears and, as a nurse, I could not do my job without them! I appreciate all CNAs for what they do!!!”

Sandy Kenyon

Sandy from Haines City Health Care says...

“The certified nursing assistants in our facility have heart, love, compassion and stamina and every day it shows through in the care they provide to all our residents. We have smiling happy residents. Our nursing assistants are the backbone of our facility.  They are competent and caring. They help each other and work well as a team and know when they leave their residents at the end of their shift they have done everything possible to provide for each resident under their care. The nurses in our building can rely on our nursing assistants to report any change in a resident’s condition as soon as it occurs.
I am grateful to have such a terrific group of certified nursing assistants to work here at Haines City Health Care. They make it easier for us to look forward to coming to work each day and they keep our residents comfortable, happy and involved each day they work. Thank you to all nursing assistants--you provide a great service.”

Linda Fuqua, RN

Linda from PrimeCare Nursing Services says...

“As a private duty homecare agency, we treasure our CNAs. We also have a training center where we teach nursing assistant classes and we graduate approximately 24 nurse aides per month. We hire as many as we can and help to place others. You are all so dedicated, hard-working and loyal but, most of all, it's your hearts that make you special. No, you won't get rich being a CNA, but the rewards are in seeing the faces of the clients and patients you take of. You become so important to them; you are their lifeline to the outside world. We hold an appreciation meeting every quarter to recognize our "rising stars". Please don't get disheartened; we need you. You are the backbone of the industry. You are indeed our "Rising Stars.”

Temi Onamusi RN, BSN, Clinical Nursing Supervisor

Terni from Divine Home Care of Ohio says...

"Having worked as nursing and clinical supervisor at Divine Home Care for many years, I see lots of hard work put in by STNA's and HHA's. They literally commit to their clients and go extra miles when it comes to taking care of clients. No wonder we get all the good comments about Divine Home Care services in the Lima community. CNAs (also known as STNAs and, of course, some works as HHAs) deserve MORE  for all the sacrifices they make. CNAs are not only caregivers, they are friends to clients, families and other caregivers. They have the most interaction with clients and families--more than other professional, especially in home health care. Please know that from firsthand conversations and observations, I have big respect for CNAs, STNAs and HHAs because of what they do. This is just to say "THANK YOU" for your contributions in making my home health care services job fun and easy. We at Divine Home Care of Ohio, LLC appreciate all our STNAs and HHAs. Just know you are the heart of our organization."

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